Vision & Mission Statement


The Center for Spatial Analysis promotes theoretical, technological, and applied developments in geographic thinking and spatial reasoning through research, education, outreach and other collaborative activities among members of academic, governmental, private, and community sectors.


The Center for Spatial Analysis is a multidisciplinary research center approved by University of Oklahoma Board of Regents in 1994. Since that time, the center has experienced several transitions. With new directorship as of 2001, CSA has focused on building Geographic Information Science (GIS) capacity in the university, developing research projects supported by grants from federal and other funding sources, and technology transfer through outreach programs. Following restructuring in 2006 CSA merged with Geo Information Systems which produces valuable data resources and an infrastructure for distributing and mapping geospatial data. Now CSA is composed of three working units that focus on research, education and services with an expanded charge to further the geospatial vision of the university and substantiate OU's contribution to the education, research, and economic development in the State of Oklahoma.