The Center for Spatial Analysis and Earth Observation and Modeling Group (EOM) share computing facilities that are housed in the National Weather Center (NWC), Four Partners Place (4PP), and Stephenson Research and Technology Center (SRTC), all of which are located on the University of Oklahoma Research Campus.


The administration and research offices and student research assistant labs housed in 4PP and SRTC feature high end Apple and Dell work stations with multiple monitors. The facilities also feature printing capabilities including a 44 inch color plotter for large format poster and map production as well as seminar and conference rooms.


Server equipment supporting each of these units is housed in datacenters located in the NWC and SRTC. The servers are Dell branded PowerEdge rack mounted systems running Linux or Windows. The servers provide necessary services in support of CSA and house the Oklahoma Data Warehouse, the Oklahoma Tax Commission rate locator service and other services.  The servers located in the SRTC server room are used as computation nodes for image processing at the EOM group. Additionally, a large Storage Area Network system that provides 255TB of storage for the EOM group is housed in SRTC. 


The computing infrastructure is scheduled for regular refresh cycles depending on the use, health, and capabilities of the equipment.  Our computing facilities are funded through research efforts at the Center for Spatial Analysis and the Earth Observation and Modeling Facility.